Out Reach 2018

Workshop ( RoboPhobic ) - Monthly Event

In this event (workshop) we raised awareness about Robotics and Machine learning and the resources we can use to learn them.

We chosen the name as RoboPhobic just because we see a lot of people think that it is impossible to learn Robotics and it is only for super smart people and they are afraid to start.

Almost 20 youth attended the event and it was very cool.

Exhibition - Monthly Evevnt

We organised and took part in an exhibition at the Information Technology Department, Tripoli University.

We reached hundreds and hundreds of people and inspired them to learn more and discover Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.

And Robotics, for sure.

Exhibition - Monthly Evevnt

We participated in Mass Exhibition to accomplish our mission which is spreading and raising awareness about STEM and the SDGs.

and LOVE for Robotics

Visitors season - OnGoing

As long as we believe that Raising-Awareness is not less important than real-work.

Whenever we have a training or building-season, we open an application for visitors (for public) so they get a chance to attend to our LAB to see how we work and learn! On-hands learning

Helping in organising HourOfCode in Tripoli

Kids are the future.

Today’s kids Tomorrow’s Leaders

To spread this saying, we helped in making the Hour Of Code in Tripoli, Libya come true.

We tried our best to inspire kids about Robotics and encouraged them to open the doors to the future.

THE 4th Industrial Revolution