Out Reach 2019

Event - Yearly Party

In this event (The Yearly party) we shared with the local community the work we have done and the journey we went through.

It was very inspiring for us to see all these interested kids and the love of our families and friends.

we were very glad to impact around 100 participants in-person in one day.

The Peace Campaign (Event)

When there is no peace there is no life

We launched and worked hard to raise awareness about the importance of peace for the community, as we are facing a lot of challenge because of the situation in our country.

The Good Campaign (Event)

Because we believe that it is not only about Robotics.

we collaborated with the local authority of tripoli city to help the displaced families.

Fundraising Activity - (Event)

Spread STEM and SDGs by selling tickets for people in public spaces and with the ticket they have an opportunity to attend the building season and other programs we organise.

History of Robotics - Workshop

Workshop organised by 4 members of the team about the history of robotics.

The feedback was great as all the attendance were so happy and liked the workshop and the discussion.

Helping local charity - Activity

Due to the current situation in Tripoli, Libya because of the civil war a lot of families lost their homes and because we believe that it is not only about robotics.

we collaborated and tried to help a local charity in preparing iftar (breakfast) boxes for the needy and the poor people.

Fundraising Activity - (Event)

As in this period (since april 4th until now [june 1st]) we have a civil-war and many families lost their homes.

we tried to spread happinies by playing with kids and insping them and showing them that they can build a better future by their own when they help each other.

and we distributed around 100 FREE tickets for them so they can attend our activities during the 2020 building season.

and we announced during the party that we are selling tickets and continued our fundraising activity.

The Good Campaign - Activity

In this day we worked into two groups and each group went to help a different charity in need to help.

the group A collaborated with the local authority of Tripoli city and helped in preparing over 150 needs-bags for the homeless families.

the group B helped Trablus-Alkhayr charity in preparing around 450 iftar-boxes for the needy people.

Together to create a positive change and to build a supportive community.

Learn Robotics and Arduino - Workshop

Pictures from today’s Out Reaching Event, August 27th, 2019.
The workshop objectives were to clarify what does Robots mean, history, background and the concepts of Robotics field.
And learning Arduino and how to make ideas come true using it in a simple way.

The attendees had the opportunity to make smart short & sweet projects during the event
we hope that the workshop inspired you to be curious about this topic.
We wish to see you in future professional Robotics trainings

Team Work Skills - Workshop

Pictures from today’s Out Reaching Event, August 28th, 2019.

The workshop is about learning Team work skills. We hope that all the attendees benefited from the workshop and also, had FUN!

follow our social media channels to get notified and register in the future workshops and activities.

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See you in future professional Robotics trainings and other out reaching

Oya Robot - Workshop

Pictures from today’s Out Reaching Event, August 29th, 2019.
which is about Oya Robot. All the attendees got the opportunity to discover the tools we are using and the Robot we planned to build in the case of representing Libya in the Global Robotics Olympics 2019. next October

All the attendees gave their reckons to be part of the process of taking Libya to the TOP

We hope all attendees benefited and had FUN! And, see you in the coming out Reaching events in the following weeks.

Beach Clean-Up activity 1 - Campaign

Vidoe for today’s Out Reaching Event, September 13th, 2019.
It was awesome to join with over 30 volunteers and Tripoli Better Project in a Cleaning-Up campaign to clean the beach of Tripoli from the plastic pollutants.

We are amazingly surprised by the number of bags got filled with trash.

extremly tiring day but, there was a lot of FUN and productivity.