Out Reach 2020

Event - Presentation to Oil company decision-makers

In this community out-reach activity we presented our work to Zallaf Old Company.

One of the biggest oil companies in Libya. We tried to inspire them and encourage them to push their kids to learn more about the STEM field and Robotics.

Robotics Educational Camp for around 20 hours

In this community out-reach activity we closely impacted around 20 young people through 20 hours of Robotics and Electronics Educational Camp.

*Email us at info@Lybotics.com if you wish to get involved in the next one*

Conference - We presented our team and robots at GIS4

In this community out-reach activity we got the chance to present our Team, Robots and Work to professionals in the IT industry in Libya and the Region. Their reaction was super positive, they got inspired by our work.

We joined the 3 days of the Conference, we learned a lot and made lots of connections which will help us in our future projects to serve the mission:

Building up a better World!

Meeting with the Dean of Tripoli Municipality

An honour for our Team to meet with the Dean of Tripoli Municipality!

He expressed his interests in what we are doing and its importance for our community and how excited he is to see and maybe cooperate with us in future projects and programs.
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