A tournament to unite Libya’s children.

The LYBOTICS robotics program is currently gaining momentum on the International stage securing major sponsorship to support the talented children taking part in the project. Part of this support has enabled the first-of-its-kind robotics tournament, The Tripoli Regional Tournament taking place on the 9-10th of April 2021.  Indeed, this event is set to shed a … Read moreA tournament to unite Libya’s children.

What International Women’s Day means at LYBOTICS

A time for great hope and prosperity, the fall of the Gaddafi regime in 2011 promised much for the Libyan people. However, after a short period of peace and improvement, the country fell into civil war once more. Perhaps the worst hit by these proceedings were women, who had played a significant role in the … Read moreWhat International Women’s Day means at LYBOTICS

Giving Libyan Children Back Their Futures.

An often forgotten voice, Libya’s children are still paying the price for a long civil conflict they do not fully understand. With growing educational and health disparities in the country, Libya’s conflict has impacted its children in devastating ways. While conditions for thousands of children and civilians deteriorate daily, attacks against schools have led to … Read moreGiving Libyan Children Back Their Futures.

Time Telling Clock Made in Libya

Have you ever wondered what behind the scenes, of the clock making industry, especially for the blind? Well in this article we will be talking about Our learning process, Our difficulties, and Our victory. It all started when the team met a guy from a Facebook group. In which this man posted a request asking, … Read moreTime Telling Clock Made in Libya

How Robotics Team is changing Libya

Libya, the country of beaches, desert and history is suffering since the civil war started in 2011. People exhausted waiting to see the positive change from the public sector and the private sector is already suffering from many different aspects. With STEM excitement, 7549 Team Libya – LYBOTICS Youth Team is powering the situation with … Read moreHow Robotics Team is changing Libya

The Mirror of Revolution

This article is about an experience that is as unique to me as it is purposeful and strenuous journey for its leaders, whose their mission in that affair was not to merely survive but to create for themselves the best ambience out of what they’ve gone through. May this story of Young ambitious inspire you … Read moreThe Mirror of Revolution

Advices for Rookie Teams – 2019 copy

Warm regards from LYBOTICS YOUTH TEAM – 7549 Team, From Libya. To all the Rookie Teams all over the world. We encourage you all to work hard and try to apply these advices as we are sharing them with you after we experienced them. 1. First thing is the coach or the head leader it’s … Read moreAdvices for Rookie Teams – 2019 copy

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