Advices for Rookie Teams – 2019 copy

Warm regards from LYBOTICS YOUTH TEAM – 7549 Team, From Libya. To all the Rookie Teams all over the world.

our first region – Bosphorus Regional 2019

We encourage you all to work hard and try to apply these advices as we are sharing them with you after we experienced them.

1. First thing is the coach or the head leader it’s important for the team to be a serious person who knows exactly how to get stuff done the way things should be.

2. It’s important for you -as a team- to know how you divide the work between all of you so that each one would give care and patience towards their own responsibility, and so shall you focus into improving each member’s points of strength and interests, and may the ones that have the best skill teaches the others and so on.

3. Each member has his/her work. Starting from hardware to software to team captain… etc

4. Don’t mix up things it’s will turn into a huge mess, control over the situation and timings, like when a member is done with their work it’s okay to give hands of help to the rest, that’s a helpful tricky move to win time.

5. When the head leader isn’t there, there shall be a seat switch, like a skillful member, a coach, so that the hard work could never be wasted or delayed.

6. As it’s very important to have a meeting every three days, to get things organized and under control, and to share and bring ideas out together.

7. Finally, to keep and make sure every member is safe is something mainly because using things flammable in the wrong way, or electric materials with unwary is something dangerous. Also wearing gloves when using sharp materials is as helpful as it’s important.

This article has been written by one of LYBOTICS Youth Team – 7549 Team Members.

Deepest regards, LYBOTICS

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