Ghofran LYBOTICS Geniuses Team Tripoli Femlate Libya to the United States

Inspiring Stories: Ghofran Senoussi from LYBOTICS Geniuses Team to the United States

Ghofran is a 16-year-old high school student. Passionate about science, technology, and entrepreneurship and was the business coordinator for LYBOTICS Geniuses Team, and, the first female ever to represent Libya in the world robotics championship!

“In middle school, I learned about robotics and little by little I dove further and further and my motivation to join a robotics team was growing stronger. Soon, there was an ad for volunteers for the FIRST Tech Challenge Libya Regional Robotics Championships and I signed up with much enthusiasm. After the tournament ended, Lybotics teams were opening registration. I had the amazing opportunity to be one of the founders of The Geniuses Team in 2021. In the first stage, I was busy gathering members and searching for sponsors. The team meant a lot to me, and it became my second family because I made so many memories, sadness, joy, and laughter.
After more than 8 months on the team, I have gained many opportunities here and had the chance to represent Libya in the USA for the Robotics World Champs to the whole world! as I got nominated as a finalist for the best student award (Dean’s List award). After I come back home, I plan to share my priceless experience from the LYBOTICS community, and also inspire others to be just as outstanding and much more!

I am so excited about the next step forward! #omgrobots #morethanrobots

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