Libya is willing to cooperate, we are different

Driven by the spirit of learning and exploring, Team Libya has had its best memorable moments in such a diverse environment surrounded by all the teams who were part of the FIRST Global. We were full of excitement each time we get to meet someone new, someone coming from a different country and a very unlike cultural background, or a background that is religiously different. People that each group of them has their own spoken language and thoughts. They dress and express differently and each one of them has their own definition of norm.

It has been a pleasure to meet Team Canada.

One of our singing partners, Team Brazil.

Team Libya with Team Japan, pikatchuuuuuuu!

In such environments, our brains tend to use common stereotypes to make judgments on people in order to know how and in what way we should deal with those people. However, stereotypes are over-generalized and can be very misleading. In our case, we realized that people were given a false image about Arabs and Muslims which makes them think that we are all prejudiced and closed-minded creatures. Therefore, that’s what most people were expecting to see when they meet us for the first time, but is that even fair to be believed?

We Arabs are found on every spot of the world, we are certainly not all the same, but we connect with people as everybody does, we love befriending everyone regardless of their race, no matter how they look and what their beliefs are, we are not judgmental and are very welcoming, we are open to the world and we definitely love to help others and are always willing to cooperate.

Our neighbors in the pits, Team Lebanon!

Team Jordaaaaaan!

Having dinner at the hotel with our friends from Team Palestine!

As we believe that productivity is a product of teamwork and cooperation, and that real change can be achieved when efforts are joined; we thought of how fascinating the chance was to be gathered with so many creative minds on one platform, it gives you a real sense of how much strength lies in unity, and how better the world would be if we all worked as one to find solutions for the global issues we face because our desired end is one. 

Together, we are stronger. Girls from Team Libya!

during one of Team Libya matches

With our alliance after a big win!

LOVE. Team Libya

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