Libya Robotics Teams Shine at World Robotics Championship 2024 in Houston

We are thrilled to share the exciting journey of our LYBOTICS Wizards Team and LYBOTICS Quanta Team from Libya as they recently competed in the prestigious World Robotics Championship held in Houston. Out of 224 participating teams, these talented young innovators advanced to this global stage, having triumphed over an impressive pool of over 10,000 teams from regional championships worldwide.

LYBOTICS Wizards Team:
The LYBOTICS Wizards Team showcased their exceptional skills, determination, and teamwork throughout the championship. Their dedication and hard work were evident as they tackled complex robotics challenges and collaborated with teams from different countries. Their passion for robotics and commitment to excellence truly shone through.

LYBOTICS Quanta Team’s Remarkable Achievement:
We are immensely proud to announce that the LYBOTICS Quanta Team brought home a remarkable accolade—the Judges’ Choice Award! This extraordinary recognition highlights their outstanding performance, innovative solutions, and exceptional spirit during the championship. The Judges’ Choice Award is a testament to their unwavering dedication, creativity, and problem-solving abilities.

The Wizards Team and the Quanta Team have left an indelible mark at the FIRST World Robotics Championship 2024 in Houston. Their dedication, hard work, and exceptional achievements have not only brought honor to Libya but have also inspired a new generation of innovators. We are incredibly proud of their accomplishments and look forward to witnessing their future successes as they continue to push boundaries and make a positive impact in the field of robotics.

Stay tuned for more updates on the incredible journey of LYBOTICS community and Libya’s young champions!

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