The Mirror of Revolution

This article is about an experience that is as unique to me as it is purposeful and strenuous journey for its leaders, whose their mission in that affair was not to merely survive but to create for themselves the best ambience out of what they’ve gone through.

May this story of Young ambitious inspire you to be passionate about your goals and dreams so that you can start off your own story.

“Lybotics youth team Libya” A team of young passionate Libyans who started off their journey with helpless materials and the lack of supportive hands and voices, they have been exhausted in search for a proper working environment for quite long time, their only incentive and which brings them together is their passion for building Robots Unaware that they besides this were building and strengthening the core of success within themselves as they go on, Making them able to fight against the difficulties that may and have faced them already, because realizing their own goodness is what made them too steady to give up at some point.

Building the robot while the electricity is out

I met them in the midst of their chaotic days, working and standing by each other in the way that makes you realize the real definition of team-work, and maybe realizing the real meaning of it makes the work so much easier and under-controlled for them. They started showing me the little parts that they put together for the aim of bringing out the great result, they were running out of time, regarding of their time-zone, and the amount of fatigue was restricted on them as being unsupported. being rushed and pressured into making it through, regardless that they had no back to lean on, but standing by their own efforts and their own goodness.

They have made it through, though, regarding of what has been built by the hands of theirs. But they couldn’t made it through their flight, their first chance to shine, and for what they were depending on. It was pathetically disappointing; but being restricted with loss and despair for being libyan isn’t what they were sad about-Because they were doing this, all the resist and fight, for Libya- so it was for being unable to break out this cage.

But after awhile, the internal cage has been finally broke out of, Lots of supports and cheering voices has joined the row, making all the upholding that’s needed to awaken the impulsive self, the previous morale have come awake from its slumber to grab the handle of the achieving door, they were totally open for it, announcing the time for harder work— for this, they made it through, landed at where the journey must have located, in the place where the big challenges be reborn. and it was not and never will be the scores that count, it is the efforts that’s made, and the intentions that’s desired, and of course, the way in which Libya is reflected.

It is always the Will and Determination but never the difficulties nor the time taken.

And don’t you grow within yourself -not the slightest doubt- that every little effort may be made for the advancement of your country will ever be wasted, no matter how simple, and hopefully we’ll reach to the day when our country will be seen by a different perspective- when the aspect of Libya for each Libyan is their own reflection on the mirror of revolution. 

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