Time Telling Clock Made in Libya

Have you ever wondered what behind the scenes, of the clock making industry, especially for the blind? Well in this article we will be talking about Our learning process, Our difficulties, and Our victory.

Invention Made in Libya

It all started when the team met a guy from a Facebook group. In which this man posted a request asking, “does anybody know someone or a team that can make me a clock that tells the time? I want it for my deaf Chinese friend”

Our Alumni Coach Safiya found the request and suggested it to us. The Lybotics Youth Team of course accepted the challenge. We did our research on the topic and we planned well. So our Lybotics Youth Team was very confident in our ability in accomplishing it fast. We also had the courage to tell the Chinese man that we will be finishing it in 2 days!

Let me tell you, we were unfortunately very wrong!.

Innovation and Creativity

Our team got themselves ready and bought all the needed parts and got started.

The first problem we encountered was that we couldn’t adjust the time at first, but after a couple more tries we finally fixed it.

Then another problem was created. Which was that the time won’t show on the screen, that happened due to some complications with the code. Our team kept on trying and little by little the Lybotics Youth Team found a solution for it. Although, that only made more problems start showing up. For instance, the sound, the problem with the sound just kept getting worse.

The only way we could fix this problem is by getting help from the outside. The team has this amazing friend who’s name shall remain anonymous; he is the one that recorded the voice memos, and after so many tries made it work. 

For the first time, everything was going great and we were happy.  However, the voice was way too low, and no matter how much we tried it won’t budge. So we really had to think hard about this one. Our Team had an idea which included us buying pc Speakers. Which, then the team took apart from the pc and assembled it on to the clock. Next, we had to 3D print the exterior of the clock. The first trial wasn’t successful, because it turned out to be really small. We of course tried again and finally built the correct size. Afterward, our team again faced another problem. Which was that the battery was way too weak. After that, we went out of our way and bought a lithium battery. Which then, we assembled it onto the clock, where it worked amazingly. Finally, we tested everything and everything went very smoothly. 

We are happy to say that we finally finished, after so many complications, succeeded in the  “Time Telling Clock”.

Time Telling Clock

After all that I would like to explain how the clock actually works. The clock is given codes that help it recognizes the time and an order is given for the time to be said with the clock.

and the sounds are the voice memos and they were put in the USB which was put in the Board so the clock can take it. the clock also tells Date and Temperature! not only the time.

Thank you so much for staying until the end. We hope We, the  Lybotics Youth Team inspired somebody, somewhere out there. Where nothing can stop them from finishing their goals. No Matter the circumstance!

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