FIRST Tech Challenge Libya Regional Robotics Championship

Until we meet again – Robotics in Libya

A number of students competed in the final stage of our Libya regional robotics championship. This was held on 17 and 18 of February where teams of students are tasked with designing and building robots and they were surrounded with challenging and positive vibes.

Teams from all around Libya came to join this championship. Twenty-two local teams were advanced from Tripoli and Benghazi qualifying tournaments in addition to three international teams specifically two teams joined from Romania and one team came from Sudan to compete in this event.
Vibes were really great and a positive environment was provided for the teams which lead to greater productivity, learning, and cultural exchange.

Moreover, it’s noted that more than 800 students traveled to Tripoli in order to join this tournament. Volunteers and professional mentors lend their time and talent to guide this huge number of students.
This effort is really appreciated! Thank-You volunteers.

Without this blended effort provided by volunteers, judges, and our dear LYBOTICS coordinators, this would never come true.
We are thankful for this gratifying support which is really valued. Sincerest thanks to sponsors who contributed to the support of this tournament. And we are very grateful to you all for all your humbleness as well as for all of your generosity that “Make It Happen”.

Thank you to our dear sponsors and supporters: Partner Ministry of Education School Activities Office, Golden Sponsor ATIB – Assaray Trade and Investment Bank, Bronze Sponsor Lamah Technologies, Media Partners: Al-salam Printing and Soor.

It’s hard to say goodbye this time but here we would like to say “Until we meet again – Robotics World in Libya” in the near future and looking forward to seeing you all in the coming season.

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