Using the Power of Technology We Help Libya Overcome COVID-19

LYBOTICS can help Libya overcome COVID-19 by spraying roads, buildings and markets with a disinfectant in order to kill the virus in public places. This way we can tackle this problem right from its source.

LYBOTICS has also published a number of awareness videos and photos to make people know how to protect themselves, their families and friends. Spreading social awareness is key to the battle of this problem, as it teaches people to not only take care of themselves but how to take care of others as well.

One video was about advising people to stay home, the other one was about how to protect ourselves by washing hands, using sanitizers, wearing masks, avoiding crowded places and staying home. Be sure to do that, as this is the only way to stay safe.

Awareness video about #COVID_19 by LYBOTICS Girls Team

LYBOTICS is working to help the community by giving out masks we produce, gloves and hand sanitizers we have at our workshop to people that cannot afford it. Helping each other is so dire in a time like this, so if you have the opportunity to, why not?

Full face-shields

Shout-out to Creality for their wonderful 3D machines which helps us in so many different ways to create a change in the difficult epidemic our world faces.

Together we can help our country to overcome this difficult time. Together for a better world.

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